YARN Ambassador Sophie on why she loves textiles

An open sketchbook showing colourful abstract images, sewn panels and text

Hi I’m Sophie,

I am an A level textiles student at Huddersfield New College in my first year. After studying textiles at GCSE and really enjoying it, I decided to further my textiles journey at college.

There’s a big difference between GCSE and A level textiles. The biggest difference between the two is independence and having the freedom to show individual creativity. It involves a lot of design work in sketchbooks, which I personally see a lot of improvements in as each sketchbook develops. When we start a new sketchbook, we get a theme to represent throughout that book and how we represent that theme is up to us. My most recent theme is Print and Colour, which encouraged me to study Jane Davies and her work with geometric shapes. I took inspiration from her work and put my own spin on it.

As much as I love textiles, there are times where everything goes wrong and you feel like throwing your sewing machine out the window. In spite of needles snapping and many hours unpicking there’s a real sense of achievement when you see your final piece.

My textiles journey has only just started and who knows where it will lead, it’s a great opportunity to be able to connect with my creative side and see my creative visions come to life. I can’t wait to find out what being a YARN textiles ambassador will bring this year. I’m really proud to be the first ambassador and can’t wait to meet the others.

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