WOVEN is a celebration of innovation in textiles across Kirklees

WOVEN is a biennial festival that first took place in June 2019, with the next big event due in June 2021.

It is initiated and funded by Kirklees Council, but is owned by everyone, including community groups, textile businesses, cultural and educational organisations, artists and heritage sites across the district.

WOVEN’s theme is generations of innovators, connecting a strong heritage with today’s innovative developments in industry, university research, a strong arts and crafts scene and the creative expression of the district’s rich and diverse communities.

Whilst a big festival event will happen in June every other year, there will also be long term projects and smaller events happening in between.

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Hands with henna pattern knitting with t-shirt yarn

Announcing WOVEN 2021

We are delighted to announce that WOVEN 2021 will take place from Saturday 5th to Sunday 27th June, with the following big weekend themes: 5th/6th:

Woven in Practice Conference

What makes WOVEN unique as a place-based making initiative is in bringing together a range of practitioners and their practices to celebrate rich and diverse