Sculpting a Continent – Andrew Warburton

Green, white and blue hand tufted fabric hanging on a machine waiting to be washed

Andrew Warburton is using textiles to draw attention to the increase of colossal icebergs, some the size of New York, breaking off from Antarctica in these ‘calving events’ as a result of climate change. The textile installation is intended to raise awareness about climate change and hopefully inspire people to make changes to lessen our impact on the environment.

Andrew’s commission, Sculpting a Continent, in partnership with WOVEN, will be located in a seated gazebo in Dewsbury’s Market Place.

Special workshops will be held every Saturday in June from 10am – 12pm and 1pm – 3pm. Booking is essential.

Andrew’s project is part of the Dewsbury Creative Town Programme funded by Kirklees Council and has been commissioned in partnership with WOVEN.

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