Hillstone Fiber Arts receive funding to develop new work for WOVEN

A white woman taking a photo of an old fashioned loom and some fabric draped on it

Hillstone Fiber Arts is a small constituted group of 13 artists based in Huddersfield. The group is very active and in 2019 for the WOVEN festival developed an empty shop window exhibition and random acts of textile kindness. For 2021 the group have been collaborating with a local mill, Taylor and Lodge, who have donated samples of materials and waste thread to the artists to see what they would create.

The artists have come together during COVID restrictions to make the project happen and it has brought much benefit to the members allowing us to connect over a much needed purpose.

“The project and the bag of inspiration (fabrics and threads) provided an opportunity to learn and to try out some new and different techniques such as weaving and free motion quilting. From this work, its has led on to further development patchwork and quilting skills. In summary, a good learning opportunity which has helped to keep my spirits up and also something which has helped keep a group with a shared interest and also socially.”

“Every thing just seemed too overwhelming. Now I’ve regained my interest in creating textile art and am on with another project.”

“It really helped me with the isolation I felt during lockdown, I was feeling very low especially after our fourth grandchild and first granddaughter was born in Sydney.. it looks like she will be walking and talking before we get to see her. It was great to have something  to focus on and an exhibition to work towards.”

The funding will allow our group to photograph the works and present it in a digital format. This is important to the group as it is a tangible outlet for the creativity and hard work that has been put into each work of art. Having a quality presentation will help boost confidence, a sense of worth and something individuals can take pride in.

Through the exhibition we hope to promote the benefits of creative health for community groups and interest in textiles across the district. We did the entire project through virtual meetings and voice over presentations of a visit to Taylor and Lodge. We have members in rural areas and hope our project offers inspiration for future projects.

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