Growing Colour Together Artist and Community Showcases

Growing Colour Together is more than a project, it’s a MOVEMENT, with an ambition to create a district-wide, natural-dye, colour garden!

Over the past 12 months we’ve worked to expand our knowledge of natural dyes, the process of creating them, and how we can be sustainable whilst also being creative. With support from Arts Council England we have appointed seven artists to create three community dye hubs in Birkby and Fartown, Dewsbury, and Kirkburton. Each area has been establishing their own dye garden and working with the community to support hands-on, creative ways to use natural dye techniques. Each area will be holding its own event to showcase their growing and creative endeavours, along with a series of plant swaps, workshops, talks and tours.

Dewsbury groups have worked with artists Jane Howroyd, Waheeda Kothdiwala and Natalie Linney to create over 100 naturally dyed and eco printed scarves ready to turn into a textile installation that will transform the walled flower garden at Crow Nest Park. They will be gifting these scarfs back to the community groups who made them after they are showcased on the Saturday 17 June at Roving Lands.

Birkby communities have worked with artists Cherry Styles and Michaela Lesayova and have been busy swapping dye plants, planting seeds and creating zines inspired by the Birkby and Fartown Library garden. They have been working closely with S2R’s Gardening and Wellbeing Group at the library, and  have now moved onto natural dyeing sessions with their community. Join them for a Celebration Garden Party on Tuesday 6 June at Birkby Library

In Kirkburton artists Nicola Perren and Seiko Kinoshita have been working with the community to provide specialist dye knowledge and instructive workshops on how to create a dye bath, how to produce certain colours with different natural materials and creating dye recipes. They have been exploring mending techniques and creating a textile installation ready to be showcased at Botanical: A Contemporary Approach to Natural Dyeing at All Hallows Church on Sunday 18 June.

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