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WOVEN supports schools to get involved in lots of projects that have a big outcome at the festival. Take a look at previous WOVEN events and activities for inspiration and see how young people have been involved in the festival programming.

STRUT: Music+Fashion+Identity- 2023
STRUT delivered 6 months of creative engagement activities with 16 groups of children, young people and community groups from across Kirklees, to explore identity and what our clothing and accessories say about us. The results were showcased by participants at a catwalk event in Dewsbury during the festival.

Quilted: Community, Creativity and Care – 2023
Quilted represented the work of many hands and reveals multiple stories. The exhibition brought together three distinct groups of quilts to provide a rich conversation about quiltmaking today.

Growing Colour Together – 2023
You can use the Growing Colour Together project to find lots of great workshops, planting and natural dye ideas.

Yarn Bombing – 2019 to 2023
Kirklees has a fantastic history of yarn bombing, and this has been pivotal to WOVEN in Kirklees, from the community yarn bombing of 2019 through to the flag ship Big Rainbow Knit in 2021

Future Fashion Challenge
In 2019 WOVEN asked teachers and young people to explore the future of fashion. In just four months, 15 schools and over 150 pupils made the most inventive costumes and fashion for a spectacular catwalk show at the University of Huddersfield.

Charity Shop Challenge
In 2021, WOVEN worked with Holmfirth High School textile students on a 12 week sustainable fashion programme to create a unique collection of work focusing on skills for mending and upcycling.