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Short Films: Textile Careers in 100 Seconds
Find out more about the diverse careers within the thriving textile industry in Kirklees with our series of 100 second films, covering manufacturing, retail, design, artists and researchers and more! 

Each of the 23 films is 100 seconds, so whether you are encouraging your learners to watch in their own time, share a few in a textile careers spotlight session, or show one at the start of a lesson or registration, they have been designed for you to adapt to your timetable

Careers Fairs
The WOVEN Careers Roadshow inspired students with the innovations that are taking place in textiles in Kirklees and beyond. With many different materials to handle and learn about, it demonstrated the many varied sectors reliant on textiles and the opportunities for post 16 training, design education, technical textiles education 

Textile Tours
From weaver, to colour chemist, garment manufacturer to product designer, there are many varied textile jobs. Here in Kirklees we are lucky to have a diverse textile industry on our doorstep, with the opportunity to learn about the different jobs available. Textile Tours take learners, teachers and career advisors into textile workplaces to explore the sights and sounds of a modern fashion and textiles industry, from creative to construction and beyond. Whilst the tours currently aren’t running, you can watch the series of the Behind the Scenes films

Careers Talk: Fabric of Life
This interactive 20 minute session was delivered as an assembly or online. The session explored the varied uses of textiles in our lives, and the crossovers between textiles and other industries. Students learnt more about the textiles industry in Kirklees and the opportunities for education, training and work. If you would like to invite a fashion or textile professional to give a talk at your school, please email WOVEN careers and we can share your details with our industry network.