Case Study

Stitched Resilience

creative responses to covid

This collection of inspiring stories and work brings together the huge array of approaches that Kirklees communities used within textiles, to help process and respond to the challenging circumstances we faced as the global pandemic hit us in March 2020. These are stories filled with emotion told through embroidery, home furnishings and textile art as well as PPE and community projects. 

Researched and created by textile artist Nicola Twynham, commissioned by WOVEN, Stitched Resilience celebrates, commemorates, and demonstrates our resilience, our hopefulness, and the powerful experiences we’ve all had through the narrative of textiles.

All contributors are members of our community and have been able to tell their stories in as much or as little detail as they are comfortable with. It is an eclectic mix but certainly represents the challenges and hugely emotional experiences that we have all lived through. Most images were taken on phones, ‘in the moment’ at a time when an exhibition was far from their thoughts, but we feel that this adds to the authenticity of this collection.

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