Zero Waste Fashion Survey

Fashion is important – not just for our well-being and the economics of it but also as a way of communicating about ourselves.

The organisers would like to know more about your thoughts around fashion during the COVID-19 crisis. Has it changed your attitude or behaviour in terms of fashion – buying, maintenance or getting rid…?

Fashion is one of the worst polluters in terms of manufacturing processes, and also creates a problem when we no longer want that clothing. That’s the reason for this survey, to see how we felt as a society or community about fashion and then perhaps look back at the results in maybe a year or two’s time to see how we feel then – hopefully when the worst of the crisis is over or at least we are all accustomed to whatever the new norm is.

They would like to share with you whatever results they gather and use the results to help develop a project that examines our relationship with fashion and specially the discarding end of fashion consumption.

This survey has been developed with the help of the Zero Waste Leeds partnership with University of Leeds (zero waste fashion). If you have the time, please use this link to fill in the survey – it takes between 5-10 minutes to complete.

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