Upcoming events for Growing Colour Together

Growing Colour Together is more than a project, it’s a MOVEMENT! And our ambition is to create a district-wide, natural-dye, colour garden! We want to give everyone the opportunity to ‘have a grow,’ use what’s grown to make natural dyes, and learn about the environmental implications of chemical dyes and what we buy.

It’s an evolving project and we want people to join in with the areas that interest you to grow, make, create and debate, so we’ve programmed an ongoing a series of talks, events and workshops to help you get started with your colour garden.

Wednesday 1 March
Session 1: 15:30-17:00
Session 2: 18:00-19:30

Join us for a growing colour gardens session with artist Isobel Denton. Would you like to know about setting up a colour garden that is a site for natural dying and ink making? Isobel Denton is a self-taught gardener and is now at the magical point of having a garden mature enough to be able to harvest both those quick to grow and long-term development plants that are so vital to the natural dyer. Based in Kirklees, Isobel is well acquainted with the challenges one might face in a local garden and its particular climate.

During this session, we will hear about Isobel’s dye garden development and discuss how we might engage as individuals and/or as community gardeners. Find out about about key plants, tools and materials and how you could contribute to Growing Colour Together at WOVEN23.


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Saturday 1 April

Join the Growing Colour Together project to celebrate the arrival of spring with a seeds, seedlings and plug plants swap at Birkby & Fartown Library.

Learn more about how the community has been getting involved with Growing Colour Together, what they’ve been doing with appointed artists, Michaela Leayova and Cherry Styles, and how you can get involved with the project.

The event is child, family and pet friendly, and refreshments will be provided.

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Wednesday 19 April
Session 1: 10:30-12:00
Session 2: 12:45-14:30

Join us for a growing workshop facilitated by Growing Works in Huddersfield. They will be leading a practical workshop on growing plants for colour, focusing on what can be grown in Kirklees, colours, growing considerations, plant harvesting, seasonality, seed harvesting and how to forage safely. It will include a practical seed sewing activity and opportunities to ask questions about planting and planning your dye garden. The Growing Works site is inspirational with lots to explore.

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