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Fabric Manipulation Workshop

  • Live event
  • Take part at home
10:00 am
- 23/01/202112:00 pm

This is a live online workshop with artist Elnaz Yazdani, for which there is a fee of £15.


Smocking is an embroidery technique used to manipulate and gather fabric. There are many different methods of smocking and it is often used to create fullness in fabric or add stretch around cuffs, bodices and necklines.

In this workshop, you will learn how to smock using three different methods by hand. You will create three beautiful samples of manipulated fabrics and develop skills so that you can apply them to garments, products or textile art.

This workshop is perfect for beginners or those with some textile experience and ideal for anyone looking to expand their textile/ embroidery knowledge and try something new.

What you need for the workshop:

  • Some embroidery needles (Crewel)
  • Thin cotton hand sewing thread or machine thread.
  • X3 A3 fabric pieces, plain or patterned, light natural fabrics work best for beginners, try a cotton, silk or linen.
  • Pair of good scissors
  • Pencil and fabric marker pen.
  • 30cm ruler

Website: elnazyazdani.com
Instagram: @elnazyazdani
Facebook: @elnazyazdani
Twitter: @elnazyazdani

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