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Embroidery Taster Workshop

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Embroidery artist Elnaz Yazdani has made this short taster video for beginners to embroidery. The video contains 7 basic stitches to get you started with hand embroidery. If you would like to attend a longer live introduction to embroidery workshop please contact Elnaz via her website or social media platforms to sign up.

What you need:

  • Needles, anything you can find will do. In embroidery we see needles that have a long eye and sharp point, but anything you can find is perfect.
  • Some threads and yarns, work with what you have around you – sewing thread for a machine, embroidery thread, cut lengths of old fabric, thin knitting or crochet yarns, paper yarn, plastic, ribbon, trimmings… basically if you can get it through your needles you can embroider with it!
  • Fabric to work on, could be a tea towel, table cloth, denim jeans or jacket, plain cloth or patterned fabric. Aviod stretch fabrics while learning. Pick a natural fabric if you can, a cotton, wool, denim or linen works well.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • If you have an embroidery hoop or frame then bring this along, if not don’t worry as it is not essential.
  • A pencil or fabric market pen if you have one.

Tag @elnazyazdani in your embroidery creations.

Website: elnazyazdani.com
Instagram: @elnazyazdani
Facebook: @elnazyazdani
Twitter: @elnazyazdani

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