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Beadwork Embellishment Workshop

  • Live event
  • Take part at home
10:00 am
- 06/02/202112:00 pm

This is a live online workshop with artist Elnaz Yazdani, for which there is a fee of £20.


In this workshop Elnaz will guide you through a range of embellishment techniques using different types of beads and sequins. You will learn how to use them to follow designs, create texture, 3D beading and combine them with embroidery stitches.

All techniques learnt can be applied to any cloth, item of clothing or accessory. This workshop is perfect for beginners or those with some experience wishing to expand their embroidery knowledge.

What you need to have ready for the workshop:

  • Some embroidery needles (Crewel, Chenille and Beading needles)
  • Some threads and yarns, work with what you can find, embroidery threads, threads for the machine, cut strips of fabrics, thinner knitting or crochet yarns, paper yarn, plastic, ribbon, trimmings… basically if you can get it through your needle you can embroider with it!
  • Fabric to work onto, plain or patterned, natural fabrics work best for beginners, try a cotton, wool, denim or linen, avoid stretch fabrics. Upcycle onto old bedding, pair or jeans, cushion or jacket.
  • A pair of scissors
  • If you have an embroidery hoop or frame please have this ready, if not it’s not essential so don’t worry.
  • A pencil or fabric marker pen if you have one.
  • Beads and sequins of your choosing any size, aim to have some seed beads, bugle beads and sequins.

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