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Louise Goult

ABOUT: I enjoy sharing textile and embroidery skills with people, teaching them new things and seeing that look on their face when they master a new technique. There isn’t a right or wrong with art and I particularly like the way that a group of people will all have the same introduction and yet all create something different. Being a part of a person’s creative journey and inspiring them is a huge privilege.

TEXTILE PRACTICE: I work with a wide range of community groups and individuals within my textile facilitation practice. I specialise in taking textiles to unusual spaces and working with hard to reach groups, though often work in more usual spaces too! I have worked with people of all ages, as well as those with access and additional needs and those with mental health concerns.
Often, I work in a co-creative a participatory way enabling the group to have a voice and share that artistically using textiles and embroidery. The work I have completed is varied, including very large scale banners, co-creating exhibitions in heritage venues and other venues, to supporting participants to create textile art to take home with them. Projects have lasted several months or weeks and others are a one off session.
I work with a range of topics, including difficult subjects and have experience in supporting people working through these.
As well facilitating timed workshop sessions, I have also worked many festivals and drop in sessions.

SPECIALIST AREAS: I have experience of working with Primary schools, further and higher education, adult community workshops, family community workshops, informal groups for example WI and embroidery groups,

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