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Debbie Allsop

ABOUT: With over 15 years of teaching experience in Higher Education within fashion and textiles, I deeply value arts education and the transformative impact of learning. Working with creative communities, I enjoy the opportunities and challenges of teaching arts-based curriculum and inspiring people throughout their learning journey. I also deeply value the opportunity to learn from others during these experiences, deepening my own knowledge and practice. As a facilitator, I enjoy embedding skills and techniques within my practice which value important agendas at the forefront of arts and fashion, including skill conservation and sustainable practices contributing to the wider value of arts education.

TEXTILE PRACTICE: I facilitate textiles education through Higher Education and community-based learning. As an experienced lecturer and practitioner, I am interested in engaging with different audiences to broaden access to fashion and textile education.

My teaching focuses on the processes involved in making clothing and textiles for fashion, respecting the importance of design informed by technical understanding. As a tutor of fashion design, I am experienced in the practical side of fashion and textiles and deliver a range of specialisms underpinning garment construction and material technicality.

I module lead and teach workshops in flat pattern cutting, 3D garment realisation including draping and moulage, upcycling, customisation and deconstruction /reconstruction and sewing skills (machine-based and hand). I also teach and lead modules in textiles for fashion which includes developing visual research through embellishment, print, and fabric manipulation. I have also taught design, trend and Adobe CC for digital illustration and technical garment drawing.

I encourage students/participants to work independently to build confidence through unexpected discovery, which often results in more authentic outcomes. Underpinned by sustainable fashion values and the technical skills involved in creating clothing, the curriculum I develop and deliver acknowledges the related career opportunities within fashion and textiles.

SPECIALIST AREAS: I have experience in working in: Primary School, Secondary School, Further and Higher Education, Adult Community Workshops, Family Community Workshops