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Amy Chen

ABOUT: I enjoy arts education and facilitation because it allows me to share my craft knowledge to new audiences and give people the opportunity to try something new. Arts events open people up to new ideas and create shared experiences in the community. It’s great to see arts workshops in which people feel inhibited and free to explore creatively. I’ve met a range of people through arts facilitations that have pushed my arts practice in new directions. New partnerships have allowed me to lend my skills to projects I would not have been aware of.

TEXTILE PRACTICE: My art expertise is in the old art of machine knitting and the modern world of electronic textiles. I have run machine knitting classes for the public, and facilitated electronic textiles workshops in association with different arts organisations. Machine knitting of often associated with grandmothers and dusty knitting machines in attics. My practice hopes to keep the knowledge of domestic machine knitting alive by providing face to face teaching and helping signpost to additional resources. Electronic textiles (aka e-textiles) is also not as well-known as it is linked with high-tech materials and functional products. My creative e-textiles practice is about making it accessible and using it to bridge the divide of science and art. It allows people to think beyond electronics being purely functional, and textiles as being a passive material. My e-textile workshops have been about creative exploration with new materials and promoting problem solving through hands on prototyping.

SPECIALIST AREAS: I have experience in working in: Further and Higher Education, Adult Community Workshops

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