INTERWOVEN wants your textile industry memories and stories!

INTERWOVEN is an ongoing project that is part of the wider WOVEN textile festival. It brings people together through music and storytelling, to celebrate our shared experiences of the textile industry, past and present, in Dewsbury and across Kirklees.

We would like to use your stories of working in the textile industry in a few different ways. They could become the inspiration for a new piece of music, bringing together Qawwali music, brass bands and folk singing, that will be performed at an event in Dewsbury in March 2022. They may also be used in a film, exhibition, workshops and talks that will accompany the performance. You’ll be invited to the performance and any accompanying events.

So, if you have a story about textiles or working in the textile industry that you would like to share, or would like to ask any questions about the project, please initially contact Alison McIntyre on alison@hatchprojects.org.uk or 07944 552354 or  FILL IN THIS FORM  and we’ll get back to you asap.

We will then arrange a time to record your story, either in person, online or over the phone. We can do this in either English, Urdu or Punjabi. If you would like us to record your story in any other language, please let us know and we’ll let you know if we can accommodate that.

There’s absolutely no obligation to be involved once we’ve recorded your story and we won’t use any material without your permission.

INTERWOVEN began at the first WOVEN festival in June 2019 – a boliyan and choir performance that told stories of textile industry immigration from the industrial revolution to the present day. It was further developed for the 2021 festival as a unique soundscape of the Kirklees area, both its mill heritage and its present – a mixture of machinery, work, storytelling, brass music and boliyan. Artists Hardeep Sahota, Mandeep Samra and Boff Whalley created a weave of ideas, something at once both unusual and recognisable, drawing from the collected stories and images of the people who’ve spent lifetimes working in the Kirklees mills. Featuring the Huddersfield Boliyan Ensemble with Swanjit Kaur, Skelmanthorpe Brass Band and folk singer Johnny Campbell. The visual and sound installation was displayed in a shop window in Huddersfield for WOVEN 2021.

We now plan to bring INTERWOVEN to Dewsbury for an exhibition and live performance in March 2022. The new musical piece will use the existing soundscape as a starting point and then build in additional artistic content and textile industry stories from Dewsbury.

Thanks for your help!

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