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Careers Fair
The WOVEN Careers Roadshow aims to inspire students with the innovations that are taking place in textiles around Kirklees and open eyes to the many varied sectors reliant on textiles. Contact us with details of your school’s careers fair if you would like to book the WOVEN Careers Roadshow to include textiles in your schools’ career programme.

Careers Talk: Fabric of Life
This interactive 45 minute lesson is a live session delivered online that explores the many uses of textiles in every aspect of our lives, and the crossovers between textiles and other industries. Learn more about the textiles industry in Kirklees and the opportunities for work and training.

Work Experience Day
Textiles brings an incredibly varied choice of career options. From weaving, to colour chemistry, to garment manufacturing, we are lucky to have many different textile workplaces on our doorstep. The work experience day brings together visits to four different textile based work environments in one day, from the creative to construction and beyond.

Please contact us to register your interest in either of these opportunities.

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