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WOVEN supports schools to get involved in lots of projects that have a big outcome at the festival.

Growing Colour Together
You can use the Growing Colour Together project to find lots of great workshops, planting and natural dye ideas like the ones opposite.

Careers Fair
The WOVEN Careers Roadshow inspired students with the innovations that are taking place in textiles in Kirklees and beyond. With many different materials to handle and learn about, it demonstrated the many varied sectors reliant on textiles.

Textile Tours
From weaver, to colour chemist, garment manufacturer to product designer, there are many varied textile jobs. Here in Kirklees we are lucky to have a diverse textile industry on our doorstep, with the opportunity to learn about the different jobs available. Textile Tours connect schools with two different textile workplaces in one day, from the creative to construction and beyond.

Careers Talk: Fabric of Life
This interactive 20 minute session was delivered as an assembly or online. The session explored the varied uses of textiles in our lives, and the crossovers between textiles and other industries. Students learnt more about the textiles industry in Kirklees and the opportunities for education, training and work.