Do you wear a uniform? STRUT needs you!

Are you proud of wearing a uniform? Are you part of a local sports team or club? Do you enjoy wearing or making traditional dress? Have a unique style you’d like to showcase?

We are inviting YOU to take part in STRUT: Fashion + Music + Identity outside Dewsbury Town Hall, taking place on Sat 3 June

We want to hear from people who wear uniforms for any line of work – from the NHS and the emergency services, to chefs, postal workers and pilots! Or maybe you wear a uniform as part of your hobby, such as being a Girl Guide or Scout, or are part of a sports team. We’re also interested in those who wear traditional dress, who make their own clothes/accessories and those with a unique style to strut their stuff.

Sports teams, clubs and groups are invited to send a pair of representatives (as we will be unable to accommodate a full team/group). Anyone under the age of 18 years old will need to be accompanied by a parent/chaperone.

You will need to be available on Saturday 3rd June 2023 from 2-3.30pm [catwalk slot scheduled for 3pm].

Please note we can not accept any politically motivated registrations. 

Deadline for registering interest Monday 15th May.

Register your interest HERE

Once we have reviewed all of the registrations we will contact you to confirm if you have been allocated a place on the catwalk. We will aim to select a range of representatives that showcase the broad cultural and sporting heritage of Kirklees alongside other professions/veterans in uniform.

If you require further information please contact Kate Watson, STRUT Project Manager

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